Comfortable Seating Options in the FIAT 500

Despite the fact that the FIAT 500 is classified as a subcompact car, it has roomy seats that are designed with comfort in mind. This popular offering from FIAT is available with a range of seating options to ensure that you and your passengers can enjoy the ride.

In addition to a range of materials and colors, you can choose to get built-in heating elements. With a press of a button, the elements work to produce a soothing warmth that cuts through even the toughest winters. Also available are armrests for the front seats. These armrests create a distinct separation between the driver's seat and the passenger's side. You won't have to fight for the center console. Instead, both sides will have their own space to relax.

Take a look at all of the seating options in the FIAT 500 by visiting our FIAT dealership today. Our crew is more than happy to give you a tour and set you up for a test drive.



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