Kitty Litter Gains Traction This Winter

If you want to keep moving on the streets of Kennewick, WA during the winter, your vehicle will require high levels of traction available at all times. This can be difficult when snow and ice appear on the roads. The Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Tri-Cities team can help.

Almost all of us have seen salt and sand being used on roadways to melt ice and snow, with levels of traction increased for motorists during freezing weather. The problem many people have is the damaging environmental factors associated with the use of salt on roadways by local government officials and private citizens.

Motorists creating their own winter emergency kit can take up the option of the less damaging use of clay-based kitty litter that some commuters believe to be the best option for creating traction on freezing driveways. Although it does not melt snow or ice, kitty litter can be a positive option for getting moving fast when traction is hard to find.

Call our auto service team and get the best tips and advice on staying safe on the roadways this winter.

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